Personalization and Targeting

Successful Website Personalization Hinges on Continuum of Targeting Capabilities

Today, at this very moment, there are e-business marketers and decision makers attempting to decide on a “website personalization” strategy, culminating in confusion and more questions than when they started. Unfortunately, the noise in the industry only adds to this chaotic environment, with every vendor claiming seemingly similar functionality. Executives – who are eager to …

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Fine Art of Targeting

The Fine Art of Targeting

Editor Note: This article is a sample of Chapter 2 of Rob Graham’s book: Fishing From a Barrel: Using Behavioral Targeting to Reach the Right People with the Right Ads at the Right Time. The full book PDF was made available through this site for free with the consent of the author, make sure to …

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Landing Pages Serving

Landing Pages Serving

What technology are you using to A/B test your banner ads? This question seems almost absurd in today’s online advertising and especially in direct response advertising. We do not use the standard methodology of A/B testing for banner ads at all. Instead, we use an ad server which profiles that traffic for us and matches …

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Split Testing Framework

This article presents a framework for Split Testing. From an overview of the most common techniques (AB and Multivariate Testing) to the resources needed for testing (People, Process, Technology) and the value it brings to the organization. Most companies are already acquainted with these techniques, but very often they are less prepared to get it …

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