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Social Media is an increasing marketing challenge and opportunity. Companies are still striving to measure and optimize their marketing budget when it comes to their social presence in all channels: forums, review sites, social networks, blogs, microblogs, and others.

In this post you will learn everything you need to know about Google Analytics Cost Data Upload, a feature that allows you to import the extra pieces of data belonging to your non-AdWords paid campaigns into Google Analytics.
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Your consumers are telling you so much about who they are and what they want! With passive text analysis, you can finally start to both listen and cut through the noise to provide some value for those big social media budgets.
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This post covers best practices for ensuring you have accurate and actionable data inside Google Analytics and also step outside of the tool to complete the full picture and establish onsite and offsite metrics to help us report on our success and most importantly, drive action.
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Measuring the impact of social media on your bottom line is one of the most pressing challenges that marketers have when they first dive into their data. Without clear social media goals and KPIs, analysts find themselves spending hours in front of the screen scratching their heads and asking “where do I start?” Here is the answer...
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Rebecca Lieb discusses content marketing. She defines content marketers as publishers and discusses which metrics, both soft and hard, can measure the achievements of content marketing. She emphasizes that no measure is perfect, and that there is no measure which is complete, but that content marketers need to define their goals carefully, looking for the dialog and the interaction that proves their value to the company.
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Google Analytics has recently launched a new set of reports called Social reports, which can be used to analyze in-site and off-site interactions with a brand on Social Networks. In this post, Daniel Waisberg discusses how Google Analytics can be used to analyze Google+ in-site interactions (e.g. +1 button clicks) and off-site interactions (e.g. comments, posts, shares that happened on Google+).
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In Part Two of Geoff Ramsey's presentation, he discusses using social media, video, and mobile to generate and spread 'magnetic' content. He discusses the value of allowing customers to become evangelists, and examines the success of TurboTax with social media, of Blendtec's success with their 'Will it Blend?' videos, and Dunkin' Donuts' successful app for coffee runs.
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In this article Stephane Hammel discusses key trends for Web Analytics in 2012. He writes about the "social media bubble" and how websites should go about measuring Social Media ROI. He discusses the emergence of BIG Data, and how it will affect Web Analytics, and he discusses privacy concerns when it comes to web analysis.
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Shari Cleary, VP of Digital Media Research, Entertainment & Games , MTV Networks, shares insights from her current role. She goes over the structure of the company and how they manage metrics and people across their multiple web properties.
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In Part I David Coletti, VP Digital Media Research & Analytics, ESPN, talked about ESPN metrics across channels and how it finds ways to link them all together. In this presentation, David talks about channel (website, app, offline) usage across the days of the week and about their Fan Relationship Management (FRM).
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