• SEO Opportunities with Analytics & Google Sheets

    David Krevitt - January 18, 2017
    SEO Opportunities with Analytics & Google Sheets

    In this post David Krevitt discusses how he uses Google Sheets Add-ons to explore and analyze data - like spreadsheet magic, or painting with data. He describes (and links to) templates he created to find SEO improvement opportunities.

  • Interactive Dashboards with Data Studio & Bigquery

    Dan Chen - October 20, 2016
    Interactive Dashboards with Data Studio & Bigquery

    In this article, you will learn how to use Google's Data Studio and BigQuery to create your own dashboards, using an example created to visualize 2016 Election Cycle Donations, exploring public FEC data curated by OpenSecrets.org.

  • Fixing Five Common Google Analytics Setup Mistakes

    Paul Koks - October 6, 2016
    How to Fix Five Common Google Analytics Setup Mistakes

    Google Analytics can help your business flourish, but only if you get the setup right. Who wants to take decisions on incomplete or inaccurate data? In this post Paul Koks discusses the most common mistakes found on Google Analytics setups and provides clear solutions for each of them.

  • A Happy Marriage Between Google Analytics & iFrames

    Doug Hall - September 26, 2016
    Google Analytics & iFrames

    In this article Doug Hall explores some common use cases for iframes and discusses how they can be used well without wreaking havoc on your Google Analytics data.

  • Data Studio Report: US Unemployment Analysis

    Daniel Waisberg - September 20, 2016
    Data Studio Report

    In this article Daniel Waisberg presents a visualization using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to show trends in US Unemployment Rates segmented by Age, Gender and Race / Ethnicity.

  • Use Statistics for Illumination Not for Support

    LOR - September 15, 2016
    Cartoon Image

    Statistics is a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to handle it, it can surfaces important insights in the data and direct businesses, scientists, politicians, etc. However, data should be used to direct people and help them make the best possible decisions, not as a way to justify a decision that was already made. This quote by Andrew Land summarizes it perfectly: "He uses Statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts - for support rather than illumination"

  • Google Analytics 360 & DFP Audience Sharing

    Daniel Waisberg - August 31, 2016
    Google Analytics 360 & DFP Integration

    In this article Daniel Waisberg discusses an important development in the DFP & Google Analytics 360 integration: the Audience Sharing feature (beta) that allows publishers to share Google Analytics 360 Audiences with DFP bringing a series of benefits.

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