• Data Enthusiasts Gathering At Superweek

    Daniel Waisberg - April 19, 2016
    Data Enthusiasts

    This article contains the official video of Superweek 2016, where some of the presenters talk about the analytics industry challenges, opportunities and most important aspects.

  • Demystifying Google Analytics Direct Traffic

    Doug Hall - April 6, 2016
    Google Analytics Direct Traffic

    In this article, Doug Hall covers exactly what Direct means on Google Analytics, how to understand it, when it is correct or due to an error and how to solve it.

  • Understanding Google Analytics Goals & Funnels

    Doug Hall - March 1, 2016
    Understanding Google Analytics Goals & Funnels

    In this article, Doug Hall discusses how Google Analytics goals and funnels work and, on the way, also demonstrates how approaching the subject from an analytical perspective helps you develop a more complete understanding than otherwise.

  • DoubleClick for Publishers & Google Analytics Premium

    Daniel Waisberg - January 20, 2016
    DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Analytics Premium

    In this article Daniel Waisberg provides a quick explanation of publishers integrations available on Google Analytics Premium, including DFP, Ad Exchange and AdSense.

  • Funnel Analysis with Google Analytics Data in BigQuery

    Doug Mackenzie - January 12, 2016
    Funnel Analysis with Google Analytics Data in BigQuery

    In this article, you will learn the benefits of using Google BigQuery for funnel analysis as opposed to the Google Analytics Premium user interface. In order to make the solution clear Doug Mackenzie goes over the basic structure of an SQL query for funnel analysis and explain how to use Funneler, a simple Windows application to automate query-writing.

  • Horses, Jockeys and Digital Analytics

    Baris Akyurek - January 6, 2016
    Digital Analytics Jockeys

    If you have deep enough pockets to be able to put the best analysts in front of the best tools, go right ahead. You are going to ace your game. But if you have to cut down on your hiring budget to be able to afford the next shiny tool, I would recommend that you think twice.

  • Explaining Google Analytics to Your Boss

    Jon Meck - December 10, 2015
    Explaining Google Analytics

    This guide is meant to cover the basics about how Google Analytics works, what the numbers actually mean, and how you should begin to report on it. If you've used Google Analytics extensively, forgive me for the review, but I feel it's worth re-familiarizing yourself with the core concepts and definitions, if only to solidify your understanding.

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