The implementation of an analytics, testing or targeting tool is a crucial step to a successful website. It allows the analyst to trust the data and take data driven decisions. An accurate Marketing Measurement enables the marketer to allocate budget to the most profitable acquisition channels and to provide the best user experience to both new and returning visitors.

In Part II of Social Media Measurement with Google Analytics, Corey Koberg discusses campaign tracking using Google Analytics and its importance for marketers and analysts. He also goes over mobile tracking techniques.
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In this presentation, Corey Koberg discusses Social Media measurement using Google Analytics. He starts by talking about what is available from an analysis and collection point of view, social segmentation, social campaign tracking and mobile social interactions.
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Web analytics has an identity crisis. Everyone recognizes that we no longer do (only) web analytics, we deal with many different data sources. From social to app, the website is not our only source of data. We work with digital data. Learn more about the differences of Web and Digital Analytics and an alternative way going forward.
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Alex Langshur, Senior Partner at Cardinal Path, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics developments, techniques, challenges and opportunities. We discussed Google Analytics Premium, training, and the future of Analytics and where are we heading towards as an industry.
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It's said that common sense isn't common. I'd always scoffed at this sentiment until I started getting insights into the analytics of some pretty big companies. Not mom and pops or small businesses, but experienced consultants and big business. It seemed to me that even the experienced people tend to make some pretty common mistakes, all of them very easy to fix.
Kent Clark -
In this presentation, Caleb Whitmore discusses principles and processes that can be used to create a strategy and plan that will lead to success with Google Analytics. He starts by sharing the four major keys to achieve success with Google Analytics and how analysts can start the process.
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Segmentation is one of the most important features of any web analytics package, and Google Analytics is no exception. If you're regularly looking at your overall site stats and user behaviour, then you're looking at all visitors bundled together. Do you think it's appropriate to be looking at visitors who are engaged and loving your site in the same set as visitors who bounce? Do you think you're learning anything from the average?
Alistair Dent -
In this presentation, delivered at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, Eric T. Peterson and Lynn Lanphier talk about how Best Buy has been doing Web Analytics and really working to transform their ability to succeed in a very competitive environment.
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Often, metrics used to assess success are misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misleading. They measure KPIs important to the organization instead of what is critical in the customers’ eyes. This leads companies down a path of reactive management, but how can organizations proactively manage when most metrics look backwards?
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Since most websites require using multiple page tags (for Analytics, Testing, Targeting and more), and in most companies IT is needed for adding or changing tags on the website, marketers grow increasingly frustrated with delays in implementation and their lack of control. Enter the Tag Management System (TMS) world to empower the marketer and give them control.
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