June Dershewitz & Judah Phillips [interview]

In this interview, held on the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, June Dershewitz and Judah Phillips share with us valuable insights on how to get promoted, on which degrees will prepare people to be successful at Web Analytics, on where is the right place for Web Analytics in companies, and what makes them really enjoy their work. Below are some of the insights shared.

Would you share with us tips for a successful Web Analytics career?

June starts by saying that first you need to know what are your priorities on the job search and keep an open mind (you can learn more on her article: Advancing a Web Analytics Career). Judah thinks the best strategy to get promoted is to make your boss look good (no gossiping, no stabbing, under-promise, over deliver); but he also thinks that it is important to know what do you want beforehand. Daniel notes that being friendly is a good strategy, but Judah brings the “No more Mr. nice guy” quote.

Which academic degree that would help someone get prepared to WA?

While a numeric degree is very welcome as Web Analysts will need to work with numbers, a technology background in finance is helpful in order to be able to tie the numbers back to business, and a marketing background is great to have a broad and creative mindset. But the most important is to ask yourself what you want to do: do you want to analyze numbers, manage people or write code?

What part of a company do you think it is the right place for Web Analytics?

One area that is a good place is the Finance department as they are numeric people that are directly tied to revenue. Basically, if they are not in IT or bouncing around the organization, it will probably go right.

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

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June Dershewitz

June Dershewitz is the Director of Web Analytics and Customer Insight at Apollo Group and a member of the board of directors at the Web Analytics Association. She has been involved in the Web Analytics community for over a decade organizing events and presenting at major conferences. You can folllow her on Twitter @jdersh

Judah Phillips

Judah Phillips creates economic value from data. He is a member of the IAB and WAA. Judah has contributed to Web Analytics Demystified, MediaPost’s Metrics Insider, and is the host of Boston Web Analytics Wednesday. Judah has spoken at international events, such as eMetrics, X Change, I-COM, Engage, eTail, Click, and AdobeMAX. He is also the emcee and programmer for OMMA Metrics. Judah has been widely quoted in media and guest lectured at many universities, such as Stern School of Business at NYU. Judah is also an advisor to YieldBot, ObservePoint, and more. He holds an MBA and an MS. You can follow him on twitter @judah

Daniel Waisberg

is the Owner of Conversion Journey, a consultancy that provides insights on improving the performance of websites. He is also the founder & Editor of Online Behavior. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. You can follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @danielwaisberg.