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Daniel Waisberg is an Analytics Advocate at Google, where he fosters Analytics by educating and inspiring professionals when it comes to data reporting, analysis and visualization. He also spends a considerable amount of time analyzing and visualizing data to come up with interesting and actionable stories.

Daniel is the Founder & Editor of Online Behavior and the author of Google Analytics Integrations (Wiley, 2015); he also writes for various other publications. In addition, he is a frequent speaker in conferences around the world, here are some videos.

Before joining Google Daniel worked as a Google Analytics Certified Partner for 5 years, helping large organizations to measure, understand, and optimize their businesses in a more data-driven way. He holds a M.Sc. in Operations Research from Tel Aviv University, where he developed a statistical model to optimize websites using Markov Chains. During those years he also developed a deep appreciation for people who understand Statistics and use it to make better decisions.

Read more about Daniel on his personal site danielwaisberg.com