Migrating From WordPress to Drupal

Following a very intense project with Yam, the company we partner with for Design & Development, we have released the newest version of Online Behavior, now powered by Drupal. We have improved the website usability and platform for new exciting features to come on 2011.

We believe that by migrating from WordPress to Drupal we will be able to manage day-to-day operations in a smoother way and create different types of custom contents and designs more easily. In addition, as a result of an increased customizability, we will be able to manage different types of users and provide them with the exact access they need.

Maybe even more importantly, we have worked hard to improve the user experience for our readers. Below are a few of the improvements:

  1. Increased images and spacing: we believe that a rich content website must be spacious in order to ease the reading flow. By increasing the images, the spacing between paragraphs and the margins, the website is cleaner and more pleasant to the eye.
  2. Authors moved to sidebar: by moving the author bios from the header of the article to the top of the sidebar we have both increased their visibility (by adding authors’ pictures) and improved users’ reading flow.
  3. Redesigned homepage featured session: we re-designed this session to be more prominent and we also added a slider to enable the reader to choose the featured article from his/her category of interest.
  4. Improved Author pages: now we provide not only info about the author but also links to connect to them (for several platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…). You can see our founder’s profile at Daniel Waisberg as an example.

We are working hard to create the best possible experience for our readers, and hopefully we will have more tools now to make that happen.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints.

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