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The online marketing interviews focus on a range of subjects, from web analytics to web usability and other topics that are critical to succeeding in the online world. The interviewees are thought leaders on the digital marketing industry and share insights with us on how to improve the performance of websites as well as their ideas on how the Digital Marketing world is advancing.

  • Google Analytics Best Practices & Future [interview]

    Justin Cutroni - Google Analytics Best Practices & Future

    Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Advocate, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics best practices and latest developments. They also discuss the future of Analytics and how different people with different levels of expertise should be offered different tools and capabilities, as people often get scared by too powerful tools.

    Online Behavior - December 22, 2011
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  • Alex Langshur Interview - Cardinal Path [interview]

    Alex Langshur Interview - Cardinal Path

    Alex Langshur, Senior Partner at Cardinal Path, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics developments, techniques, challenges and opportunities. We discussed Google Analytics Premium, training, and the future of Analytics and where are we heading towards as an industry.

    Online Behavior - December 13, 2011
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  • Vicky Brock - Training, Privacy & Future [interview]

    Vicky Brock Interview - Training, Privacy and Future

    In this interview with Vicky Brock, Co-Founder of Highland Business Research, we discuss some of the difficulties people have when it comes to Web Analytics. As an experienced trainer, she shares some examples of concepts and features newbies don't easily understand.

    Online Behavior - December 2, 2011
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  • Bryan Eisenberg - Online Marketing Pioneer [interview]

    Bryan Eisenberg & Daniel Waisberg

    In this interview with Bryan Eisenberg, Online Marketing speaker and author, he shares insights on how to optimize websites and increase conversion rates. As he says: "that's what conversion optimization is all about: understanding customers and making changes."

    Online Behavior - October 28, 2011
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  • Joe Megibow - General Manager, Expedia [interview]

    Joe Megibow Interview - VP and General Manager Expedia

    Joe Megibow, VP and General Manager of, the world's leading online travel provider, shares with us his view on the Online Analytics world. He starts by discussing the latest trends on the field, such as how companies are starting to act on the data; he also mentions an opportunity: the convergence of platforms in our space as we recognize that Web Analytics is not the only Analytics we should be looking at.

    Online Behavior - October 10, 2011
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  • Eric T. Peterson & Adam Greco Interview - Web Analytics Demystified [interview]

    Web Analytics Demystified Interview

    In this interview, Eric T. Peterson and Adam Greco talk about the trends in the industry and how it has evolved over the last few years. They also share insights on the differences between working for vendors, practitioners and consultants.

    Online Behavior - September 9, 2011
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  • Jennifer Veesenmeyer - COO Stratigent [interview]

    Jennifer Veesenmeyer Interview

    In this interview, filmed at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, Daniel Waisberg talks to Jennifer Vessenmeyer, COO at Stratigent, a digital analytics agency that provides consultancy in all things analytics.

    Online Behavior - August 12, 2011
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  • Phillip Klien - Optimization & Segmentation [interview]

    Phillip Klien Interview on Targeting, Segmentation and the Analytics industry

    In this interview Daniel Waisberg talks to Phillip Klien, Co-founder of Predicta, BTBuckets and SiteApps, about how to optimize websites by making them more relevant to users. He also shares his thoughts on the future of the industry and talks about his newest project.

    Online Behavior - July 11, 2011
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  • Jesse Nichols - Google Analytics Ecosystem [interview]

    Jesse Nichols on Google Analytics Ecosystem

    In this interview, we discuss with Jesse Nichols, Agency Relations Manager for Google Analytics & Website Optimizer, about the Google Analytics Ecosystem, especially when it comes to search and analytics agencies, but also when it comes to best practices and the industry future.

    Online Behavior - May 24, 2011
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  • June Dershewitz & Judah Phillips [interview]

    In this interview June Dershewitz and Judah Phillips share with us valuable insights on how to get promoted, on which degrees will prepare people to be successful at Web Analytics, on where is the right place for Web Analytics in companies, and what makes them really enjoy their works.

    Online Behavior - April 29, 2011
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