The implementation of an analytics, testing or targeting tool is a crucial step to a successful website. It allows the analyst to trust the data and take data driven decisions. An accurate Marketing Measurement enables the marketer to allocate budget to the most profitable acquisition channels and to provide the best user experience to both new and returning visitors.

  • The Definitive Guide to Google+ Analytics

    Google+ Analytics Guide

    Google Analytics has recently launched a new set of reports called Social reports, which can be used to analyze in-site and off-site interactions with a brand on Social Networks. In this post, Daniel Waisberg discusses how Google Analytics can be used to analyze Google+ in-site interactions (e.g. +1 button clicks) and off-site interactions (e.g. comments, posts, shares that happened on Google+).

    Daniel Waisberg - March 29, 2012
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  • Google Analytics for Mobile Websites and Apps [video]

    Nick Mihailovsky on Google Analytics for Mobile Devices

    Nick Mihailovsky oversees Developer Relations for Google Analytics. In this talk, he explains the options available for using Google Analytics for mobile applications. He gives the specific options for Android developers who wish to use the Google Analytics SDK, and states that these features are overall similar to the Google Analytics offering for iPhone developers. He also offers an overview of how to make integrate Google Analytics with mobile web apps for all mobile devices, including feature phones, using no JavaScript.

    Online Behavior - March 25, 2012
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  • Feras Alhalou - Founder E-Nor [interview]

    Feras Alhalou - Founder E-Nor

    Feras Alhalou, founder of E-Nor answers the following four questions in an interview with Daniel Waisberg: How do you plan for success when using Google Analytics? What is one important tip when using Google Analytics? What do customers generally miss when using Google Analytics? How do you see the analytics industry moving in the future?

    Online Behavior - March 19, 2012
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  • Understanding Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels

    Understanding Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnels

    In this post, Yehoshua Coren discusses several ways to use the Multi-Channel Funnels, a Google Analytics feature that can be used to understand which channels assisted in driving website conversions. Yehoshua also goes over some important definitions and challenges of this tool.

    Yehoshua Coren - March 15, 2012
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  • Phil Mui - Google Analytics Group Product Manager [interview]

    Phil Mui - Google Analytics Product Management Lead

    Phil Mui, Google Analytics Group Product Manager, hopes that in 10 years Analytics for any business will be like the air that they breath. Today Analytics is an isolated functionality that is used for operational or sometimes tactical matters, but shouldn't we aspire to every decision that we make should be based on solid data?

    Online Behavior - February 23, 2012
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  • Multi-Channel & Attribution Analysis by Justin Cutroni Part II [video]

    Multi-Channel & Attribution Analysis by Justin Cutroni

    On Multi-Channel & Attribution Analysis Part II Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Advocate, discusses the actionability of different reports on Google Analytics Multi-Channel funnel reports and how to use them to extract insights. He also shares insights on different attribution models.

    Online Behavior - February 20, 2012
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  • Multi-Channel & Attribution Analysis by Justin Cutroni Part I [video]

    Multi-Channel & Attribution Analysis by Justin Cutroni

    In this presentation, Justin Cutroni, Analytics Advocate at Google, talks about techniques on how to do attribution modeling in order to have a full understanding of Marketing campaigns ROI. He goes over Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels and talks about what it can do.

    Online Behavior - February 17, 2012
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  • Responsibility & Accountability for Online Analytics

    Analytics Responsibilities

    In this post, Stephane Hamel discusses what we do as analysts and what our responsibilities are. This understanding is essential if we want to define the discipline we are in, and which skills are required in order to be a successful professional.

    Stephane Hamel - February 15, 2012
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  • Caleb Whitmore - Google Analytics Tips [interview]

    Caleb Whitmore Interview - Google Analytics Tips

    Caleb Whitmore, Founder of Analytics Pros and of the GAUGE conference, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics latest developments and best practices when it comes implementing Google Analytics. He also provides tips & tricks for newbies and advanced users.

    Online Behavior - February 5, 2012
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  • Google Analytics Myths by Stephane Hamel [video]

    Google Analytics Myths by Stephane Hamel

    Market data clearly shows Google Analytics gaining ground everywhere. Stephane Hamel debunks some of the myths surrounding the tool and shows how great analysts are pushing the envelope to leverage it in creative ways.

    Online Behavior - January 16, 2012
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