Google Analytics Workshop

Get The Most Out Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics WorkshopCurso de Google AnalyticsIn this workshop, we will go over Business and Technical aspects of Google Analytics: how to improve your business performance using Google Analytics. We review advanced implementation techniques, best practices for data analysis, and tricks that can be used to make the most out of Google Analytics.

The workshop is delivered by Daniel Waisberg, Founder of Online Behavior and Owner of Conversion Journey, a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

The workshops can be divided between technical and business people or across different hierarchical levels. This is relevant when talking about highly technical implementation details or when discussing analysis of marketing campaigns. Each audience should receive the content that best suits it.

Below are some of the topics you’ll acquire hands-on knowledge of during the sessions.

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Google Analytics Basics

Google Analytics basics

Discuss the basic concepts of Google Analytics and its reports.

1. Reports – discuss each of them and how they can be used to extract insights.

2. Configuring the Interface – discuss best practices when it comes to scheduling goals, funnels, advanced segments and dashboards.

3. Filters and Visualizations – go over all ways to filter data and visualize information on the tool.

Google Analytics Implementation

Implementing Google Analytics

Understand how to best design a Google Analytics account so that analysis can be smooth and complete. This step is crucial in order to collect accurate and comprehensive data. We will discuss technical details on how to create an advanced Google Analytics implementation.

Google Analytics Insights & Campaign Analysis

Google Analytics Insights

Understand how to analyze the data that comes out of the tool. We will provide tips and tricks on how to analyze data and extract valuable insights out of it.

We will also discuss how your online marketing budget is being spent. Campaign analysis is a strong Google Analytics tool, especially for Google AdWords campaigns; but when other campaigns are configured correctly, Google Analytics can become a unified platform for campaign performance analysis.

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