Online Behavior Workshops

Conversion Optimization Begins With Education

Analytics WorkshopCursos De Análise Da WebOnline Behavior workshops are the best way for companies to get up and running with website measurement and optimization.

In these workshops, you will learn the techniques, tips and tricks specific to your projects. This is a hands-on training session where your data is used as the raw material. Not only will you learn analytics and testing, but you will also be furthering your own promotional projects with the help of one of the world’s most respected experts in the field.

The workshops will be delivered by Daniel Waisberg, Founder of Online Behavior and Owner of Conversion Journey, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Below are the modules we provide, click through to find more information about each.

Workshops will be delivered on a request basis to companies looking to train their Marketing and Development teams. Contact us to learn more.

Introduction To Web Analytics Workshop

Analytics WorkshopThis workshop is for companies who are new to Web Analytics and want to understand the value it can bring to an organization. We discuss the the value of Web Analytics, a process to make it work, data collection methods, tool vendors and basic definitions.

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Google Analytics Workshop

Google Analytics WorkshopThis workshop is for companies who need help learning about Google Analytics in a methodical way. We will go over the value of most reports available, advanced implementation techniques, analysis of the data, and tricks that can be used in order to make the most out of Google Analytics.

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Website Testing Workshop

Testing WorkshopThis workshop focuses on testing techniques that can be used in order to improve your website performance. We go over the Google Website Optimizer implementation, and learn tips that will help you plan, create and analyze AB and Multivariate tests.

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