Personalization Example for Content Websites

Personalization Example

A visitor arrives to a website from a search engine using search keywords including "health". Why not display a personalized version of the page based on the visitor’s interest?

In the example below we show how to increase ads click-through, average time on site, average articles read per visitor and percentage of returning visitors by using personalization techniques.

Our objective was to personalize the website per visitor with relevant ads and content to enhance reader experience and engagement.

Personalization Example Description

  1. Changes the logo variation to one that has been tested and proven better for this specific segment.
  2. Displays a top banner that immediately engages the visitor as he or she enters the website.
  3. Displays a relevant ad banner that has been tested to receive more clicks for this segment.
  4. Displays news articles based on the interests of this segment.
  5. Shows a more relevant video in the first position.

Click below on “See After” in order to see the difference between the personalized and the default pages.

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