Website Optimization

Website Optimization consists of a broad set of tools, methods, processes and strategies that have the objective to improve the website conversion rates. In the resources provided below you will find guidance when it comes to Behavioral Targeting, Split Testing, website usability and other important techniques to improve online experiences.

Segmentation is one of the most important features of any web analytics package, and Google Analytics is no exception. If you're regularly looking at your overall site stats and user behaviour, then you're looking at all visitors bundled together. Do you think it's appropriate to be looking at visitors who are engaged and loving your site in the same set as visitors who bounce? Do you think you're learning anything from the average?
Alistair Dent -
In this presentation, delivered at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, Eric T. Peterson and Lynn Lanphier talk about how Best Buy has been doing Web Analytics and really working to transform their ability to succeed in a very competitive environment.
Online Behavior -
Some e-businesses are willing to accept the two to five percent conversion rates that have been standard for e-commerce for many years now. Not so for some of the more successful e-business professionals, who endeavor to recover lost orders and win back the loyalty of customers before they are lost forever.
Geoff Galat -
This short video illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. It shows a great example of how to reach your customers by understanding what catches their feelings.
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We all like to think we're rational beings. When faced with a decision, we like to think we'll carefully weigh the pros and cons of each possible course of action, then base our decision on a logical analysis. But it just isn't so. Social scientists have shown that decision-making is largely unconscious and automatic and can be manipulated by savvy marketers. Learn more about how those principles apply on Online Experiences.
Michael Straker -
This video, posted on the Google Analytics Youtube Channel, is a humorous representation of how companies treat their customers on websites. Seen through the light of an offline example, this situation seems exaggerated or even ridiculous, but it is so funny because most people went through a similar situation on websites.
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As the Internet focuses more on content, especially high-quality content, as a way to keep visitors engaged, blogs both large and small need to find effective and efficient ways to find out exactly what works, and what doesn't. Creative use of a web analytics solution combined with a determination to listen to the data rather than one's own "gut feeling", can lead the way to better content and better websites.
Jordan Louis -
Learn more about what makes a data-driven company. Being data-driven doesn't mean there is a blanketed and uniform coating of data-dictatorship to all decisions made. Being data-driven is the art and ability to leverage all business assets to exercise judgment in the decision process.
Stephane Hamel -
This panel of name-brand corporate analysts talks turkey about what their CMO's are getting and what they want from marketing analytics. After the search keywords have been parsed, the landing pages optimized, the navigation streamlined and the conversion rate analyzed from here to Sunday, the CMO is your true end customer. Find out what makes them tick and how to make them happy.
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In this presentation, we learn how IBM manages analysts, how they provide analysis, and how they use that insight at the company dedicated to building a Smarter Planet. The speakers discuss the challenges and opportunities that come from managing marketing metrics globally when it comes to people, process and technology.
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