Website Optimization

Website Optimization consists of a broad set of tools, methods, processes and strategies that have the objective to improve the website conversion rates. In the resources provided below you will find guidance when it comes to Behavioral Targeting, Split Testing, website usability and other important techniques to improve online experiences.

Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Advocate, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics best practices and latest developments. They also discuss the future of Analytics and how different people with different levels of expertise should be offered different tools and capabilities, as people often get scared by too powerful tools.
Online Behavior -
Since mobile devices lead to new behaviors—like rotating screens, swiping and varying "folds,' it's critical for retailers to know what consumers are experiencing. The ability to quickly identify and remedy customer frustrations means not only fewer #fails on Twitter, but also greater gains from their mobile channels as well as their business as a whole.
Geoff Galat -
Web analytics has an identity crisis. Everyone recognizes that we no longer do (only) web analytics, we deal with many different data sources. From social to app, the website is not our only source of data. We work with digital data. Learn more about the differences of Web and Digital Analytics and an alternative way going forward.
Justin Cutroni -
In this keynote, Piyanka Jain discusses the “5 Step Analytics Framework™” starting from understanding real business question, structuring hypothesis around the question, pulling relevant data and then diligently following the recipe all the way to analysis and recommendations. Learn how to draw a $120k incremental revenue from 2 hours of analysis.
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In this presentation Tom Davenport addresses the organizational culture and business leadership required to make the most of the science of analysis, and shares stories of people who have made this transition and the resulting competitive edge their organizations exploit.
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Alex Langshur, Senior Partner at Cardinal Path, talks to Daniel Waisberg about Google Analytics developments, techniques, challenges and opportunities. We discussed Google Analytics Premium, training, and the future of Analytics and where are we heading towards as an industry.
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In this presentation, Tom Davenport discusses ways to manage analytics at an enterprise and provides examples on which companies and professions are embracing analytics. He also shares tips on how to improve decision-making on companies by using Analytics.
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It's said that common sense isn't common. I'd always scoffed at this sentiment until I started getting insights into the analytics of some pretty big companies. Not mom and pops or small businesses, but experienced consultants and big business. It seemed to me that even the experienced people tend to make some pretty common mistakes, all of them very easy to fix.
Kent Clark -
Over the years I have seen all kinds of definitions for web analytics. Some are over simplified, some are just plain wrong and biased toward agencies and vendors. Some blog posts claim to offer a definition while they simply rant about how hard web analytics is and what it should or should not be. What is a good definition?
Stephane Hamel -
In Part 2 of the Marketing Metrics at Best Buy, Eric T. Peterson and Lynn Lanphier describe the process they went through while implementing the Analytics process at Best Buy. They go over the internal politics and personnel involvement with the process as well as their relationship with Omniture, the tool Best Buy uses for website measurement.
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