Website Optimization

Website Optimization consists of a broad set of tools, methods, processes and strategies that have the objective to improve the website conversion rates. In the resources provided below you will find guidance when it comes to Behavioral Targeting, Split Testing, website usability and other important techniques to improve online experiences.

Hila Strong describes the basics of optimization, explaining that the intent of the customer is key, and that ideally, optimization functions to help the customer achieve their goals.
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This article demonstrates a simple technique that can be used in Google Analytics to identify opportunities to improve sales, by showing the right product to the right person at the right time. Rod Jacka examines how we can use the keywords from the non-brand search visitor to identify opportunities to improve sales.
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In this post I go over the new Google Analytics Content Experiments, a tool that can be used to create A/B tests from inside Google Analytics. This tool has several advantages over the old Google Website Optimizer, especially if you are just starting the website testing journey. Content Experiments provide a quick way to test your main pages (landing pages, homepages, category pages) and it requires very few code implementations.
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Mikel Chertudi describes the different levels of analytics maturity; beginner, intermediate, expert, and visionary. For each, he explains what they track, their metrics, the tracking tools, the customer benefit, the benefit to the marketer, and the benefit to the organization. Then he gives an example of how the Adobe site works now that it is optimized by analytics visionaries.
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Dan Siroker of Optimizely talks about how to beat the back button and optimize for engagement. He imparts the following 5 lessons: Define Success, Reduce Choices, Focus on Your Call to Action, Fail Fast, and Start Today.
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Ashish Vij answers questions on properly designing a Google Analytics account, tips he'd offer new Google Analytics users, the importance of knowing how to measure what needs to be measured, and the future of analytics.
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Shaina Boone, Vice President of Marketing Science, Critical Mass, gives advice to analysts trying to push their data-driven approach, explains what basic skills are needed for getting into the field of analytics, and recommends a course of study for gaining proficiency in the field of analytics.
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KPIs definition, data accuracy, segmentation, and all those analytics best practices our readers know by heart apply to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is just a question of narrowing traffic types to Organic and some Referral (link building thing), right? Kinda.
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Why are insights so difficult to find in our web analytics charts and reports! Why don't they jump out of the charts unless something's off the charts! In this article, Brian Katz proposes a framework based on a Visits Analysis Framework that will help improving websites' conversion rates.
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Feras Alhalou, founder of E-Nor answers the following four questions in an interview with Daniel Waisberg: How do you plan for success when using Google Analytics? What is one important tip when using Google Analytics? What do customers generally miss when using Google Analytics? How do you see the analytics industry moving in the future?
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