Online Behavior Insights – September

Last month we had exciting news on our website. After lots of work (and fun) we launched quite a few initiatives.

eMetrics Videos

On August we launched the eMetrics Summit channel on our website. From now on we will publish highly interesting videos from the conference once a week for you to watch. Here are a few that you can start with:

Free Behavioral Targeting Book

Following an agreement with Rob Graham, professor at Harvard University and author of Fishing From a Barrel: Using Behavioral Targeting to Reach the Right People with the Right Ads at the Right Time, we are very honored to host the full version of his book for FREE download at our website.

Feelings and Web Analytics

Ever been told that your feelings, your instincts, have no place in your analytics? Yes? Vicky Brock goes over a few reasons on when and how your guts can be very handy for Web Analytics. Check the article: Feelings Have a Place in Web Analytics.

Targeting & Barbecue

Do you know why doing barbecue can teach you a lot about Behavioral Targeting and Segmentation? No? So check out this short animation created by the good people of BTBuckets.

Featured Content

Featured BookNumbers Rule Your World: The Hidden Influence of Probabilities and Statistics on Everything You Do: a book about the hidden world of facts and figures that affect you every day, in every way.

Featured VideoWeb Analytics Storytelling: a short interview (8 min) with the always enthusiastic Avinash Kaushik.

Featured SlideSocial Media for Branding: a presentation about building your personal brand.

Event at Tel Aviv

Our good friend Bryan Eisenberg was in Israel for a short visit, and we decided to host an event at Tel Aviv. We had a very interesting group of over 70 people and many interesting conversations. Stay tuned for more events around the world!

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