Phillip Klien – Optimization & Segmentation [interview]

“There has always been a lot of data, but now there is actionable data”

In this interview, filmed at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco 2011, Daniel Waisberg talks to Phillip Klien, Co-founder of Predicta, an Online Marketing agency, and of BTbuckets, a free segmentations and personalization tool. Phillip shares with us some of the highlights of the show, starting by how data-driven decision making has become mainstream.

When asked how he would optimize his own website, Phillip talks about making websites more relevant to users, using behavioral data to customize visitor experience, making a really good first impression. He advises us to start simple, by checking keywords bringing traffic to the website (which shows visitor intent) and trying to optimize the landing page to be more engaging.

Phillip shares his thoughts on how the analytics industry is moving forward, which starts by making data quality better. He also talks about how testing can drive innovation by understanding how visitor behave and what works best for them.

Last, Phillip talks about his newest project, , a marketplace for website apps.

Phillip Klien

Phillip Klien is the co-founder of Predicta and BTBuckets and SiteApps. Predicta was recognized as one of Brazil’s 25 most innovative companies in 2009, and has received the 2009 WAALTER award by the Web Analytics Association. He holds a BSM from Tulane University and currently leads the innovation department at Predicta’s HQ in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil. You can follow him on Twitter @pklien.

Daniel Waisberg

is the Owner of Conversion Journey, a consultancy that provides insights on improving the performance of websites. He is also the founder & Editor of Online Behavior. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. You can follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @danielwaisberg.