Paul Muret & Phil Mui on Google Analytics [video]

“Our value was to democratize the web feeling, trying to make something complex really easy to use”

In this video, filmed at the Google Analytics User Conference at San Francisco, Daniel Waisberg interviews Paul Muret (Engineer Director at Google) and Phil Mui (Lead Product Manager for Google Analytics). The interview was filmed immediately after the launch of Google Analytics’ new version.

They shared with us insights on Google Analytics platform upgrade, which improves the whole UI of the product and enables Google to release features in a faster pace. This version opens a whole new horizon to Google Analytics’ feature.

Paul, which was the CEO (and a Co-Founder) of Urchin when it was acquired by Google, looks back to the Urchin days and shares with us what was the one thing that he believes they did right: “our value was to democratize the web feeling, trying to make something complex really easy to use.”

They speak about the way organizations are incorporating data into their decision making process and how they see the Web Analytics industry growing.

Paul Muret

Paul Muret is a Director of Engineering for Google. He wrote the first version of the Urchin software in 1997 and was Chief Executive Officer of the company until it was acquired by Google.

Phil Mui

Dr. Phil Mui is the product management lead for Google Analytics. He has been PM’ing Google Analytics since the first year of Google Analytics. He has a Ph.D. (EECS) from MIT and a Masters (Management) from Oxford University where he was a Marshall Scholar. Prior to Google, Phil was a bioinformatics researcher in Stanford University. He was also the founder of an early European display ads company, which was sold in 2000 before Phil went back to graduate school. Phil regularly speaks about Analytics and online measurements in industry conferences (eMetrics, SMX, SES, ad:tech) and academia (Wharton, Berkeley, SFSU). You can follow him on Twitter @philmui

Daniel Waisberg

Daniel Waisberg is the Founder of Online Behavior and of Conversion Journey, a Google Analytics Certified Partner that provides insights on improving the performance of websites. He is a frequent speaker & member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. You can follow him on Twitter @danielwaisberg.