Do You Focus on the Past, Present or Future? [video]

In this animation, by RSA Animate we learn about the Powers of Time and how people deal with it. Professor Phillip Zimbardo starts by describing the 6 different types of people:

  • Focus in the Past
    • Past positive: people who remember only the good old days
    • Past negative: people that focus on everything that went wrong
  • Focus in the Present
    • People who seek pleasure and avoid pain
    • People who believe it doesn’t pay to plan
  • Focus in the Future
    • People who have learned to work rather than play
    • People that believe that life begins after death (religious)

He then goes on to compare these type of people across different GEO locations and different cultures. He also discusses how technology and education influence children and teenagers trying to form future oriented people.

This video is also interesting in the context of Web Analytics as people’s mindset affect what kind of analysis one does and which kind of technique s/he uses to optimize websites.