Google Analytics & The Online Marketing Industry – Justin Cutroni [video]

“Google Analytics is a gateway drug, it gets people into data, it gets people into understanding what they can measure and optimize”

In this keynote presentation, delivered by Justin Cutroni at the Google Analytics Users’ Great Event San Francisco 2011, we learn about the state of the Online Marketing industry and how Google Analytics will help drive it.

Justin discusses Online Marketing and where it is going towards: social media, mobile marketing, content consumption habits, real time data, multi-channel marketing. He talks about how Predictive Modeling will help marketers do their work without having to dive deep into data.

He discusses some of the biggest challenges of Multi-Channel Attribution and how it can help marketers understand better their online campaigns and customers. This keynote was delivered in May, a few weeks before the launch of Google Analytics feature Multi-Channel Funnel (discussed by Justin in this post).

Justin goes on to discuss the challenges and opportunities on measuring social media, and how it can be used to extract value from conversations. This is also an important feature launched by Google soon after the keynote (read more here).

The main lesson: “Keep it so simple that everyone can do it!”

Justin Cutroni

Justin Cutroni is a web analyst. He is the author of Google Analytics (published by O’Reilly) and co-author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (published by Wiley). You can connect with Justin through his blog, Analytics Talk or follow Justin on Twitter or Google +. Justin has worked as a Google Analytics Certified Partner for the last 5 years and now he works for Google.

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