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Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google, has been consulting in the web analytics field for over 8 years, helping businesses understand the value of data and how to improve their business using it. He has helped executives understand how to leverage web analytics and online data to improve their business. Along his career, Justin has worked both with technical and business oriented people, which gave him a deep understanding of how to get Analytics implemented in a way that enhance decision making in organizations. He worked in many different industries with many different clients, such as: Toyota, Sony Music, Universal Music, the National Hockey League, Wells Fargo, PapaJohns, HomeAway, etc. Justin is the author of Google Analytics (published by O'Reilly) and co-author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics (published by Wiley). You can connect with Justin through his blog, Analytics Talk or follow Justin on Twitter or Google +. He works for Google.