Lucas Pettinati – Google Analytics Lead UX Designer [interview]

“We are contemplating a lot of things to really put the user in control over the reports that they are looking at”

In this interview, Lucas Pettinati, Lead UX Design, Google Analytics, shares with us a some tidbits from the creative process he leads in the Google Analytics development of new tools and visualization features.

He starts by describing his position and how Google goes about understanding and optimizing their users experiences. He then shares insights from the process through which the Google Analytics team developed the Google Analytics Flow Visualization. According to Lucas, the visualization was based on the one created by Charles J. Mainard shown below. In addition, Lucas also talks about the Google Real Time development journey.

Google Analytics Flow Visualization

Lucas talks about the future of Analytics. Below are his thoughts:

“The past couple of years have been about adding features to Analytics to make it a very feature rich product; in doing that there were a few things we put of. The focus for the next several months will be on quality, how can we better leverage the information that we get from our users about what they really need to do their jobs and impacting the interface like that.”

Lucas Pettinati – Google Analytics Lead UX Designer

Lucas PettinatiLucas Pettinati, Lead UX Designer, Google Analytics, has over 11 years of experience and a proven track record in Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Art Direction, and production of web sites and web applications. With detailed knowledge of design and coding practices he consistently brings design concepts to life with prototypes and quickly iterate complex interactions. Highly respected for ability to unite disciplines within organizations and place focus on user needs through a user-centered approach to design.

Before joining Google, Lucas was a Senior Interaction Designer at Yahoo! and lead design efforts for the Yahoo! User Interface Library. Before Yahoo, Lucas designed products for American Express, Sabre Holdings, and BMC Software. He holds a BA in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and sits on the industry advisory board for the Georgia Institute of Technology’s HCI Master’s program.

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