Jesse Nichols – Google Analytics Ecosystem [interview]

If you really want to discover the power of data and testing, be bold!

In this interview, we discuss with Jesse Nichols, Agency Relations Manager for Google Analytics & Website Optimizer, about the Google Analytics Ecosystem, especially when it comes to search and analytics agencies, but also when it comes to best practices and the industry future.

Jesse shares with us his responsibilities at Google, where he manages the Google Analytics Certified Partners network, an association of more than 200 businesses that are proved to have a very high level when it comes to Google Analytics.

Jesse speaks about how beginners should get involved in the analytics and optimization: test big! If you test small, it might take too long and the gains would not worth it.

Last, Jesse notes that the Web Analytics industry got a lot of credibility lately with big corporations getting into (through acquisitions); this will shift the way that Web Analytics is packaged as an instrumental part of every business that has a presence online.

Jesse Nichols

Jesse Nichols has an extensive experience in outside sales and online marketing. Over 3 years experience in outside sales, both commercial and non-commercial. Verifiable experience in small team management, account growth and customer relationship management, and data analysis and interpretation. He currently works as Partner Program Manager for Google Analytics & Website Optimizer.

Daniel Waisberg

is the Owner of Conversion Journey, a consultancy that provides insights on improving the performance of websites. He is also the founder & Editor of Online Behavior. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and member of the Advisory Council of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. You can follow him on Google+ or on Twitter @danielwaisberg.