More Actionable Google Analytics Tips

Early this year I published an article with 10 actionable Google Analytics tips. Since then, I wrote a few dozen posts on my weekly tips on the official Google Analytics Google+ page. As usual, I tried to keep them very actionable, i.e. something that you can do right after reading the tip.

As I did in my previous article, I will try to take the top 10 tips from January to June and share them here. I am using the same ranking factors:

  • Post timing: since I consider this as a column, like in any other publication it has a specific day/time. I always post on Wednesdays mornings (GMT), so I am assuming there is no seasonability in terms of how many interactions I get.
  • Reshares: since reshare will propagate the message and generate many other +1’s (which I can’t possibly have access to), I am multiplying reshares by a factor of 3.
  • +1’s: good indicative of of how valuable a post is.
  • Comments: sometimes I get very interesting comments, which add to the tip, but mostly they are just like +1’s, just a short comment. And since there are also negative and unrelated comments, I am just counting them.
  • Clicks on links: I could could the number of clicks on links shared on the posts, as they are all created with Google’s URL Shortener, but since the objective of the post is to be self-suficient and help people do something right now, I am ignoring number of clicks
  • Post age: there may be an influence by the post age, but since the last post I am analyzing was posted over one month ago, I am assuming it got most of the interaction it will get, so I am ignoring this too.

So here we go, the top 10 Google Analytics tips I shared in the last 6 months…

1. Measure Social interactions on your website

2. Extend your measurement with Google Drive

3. Find bottlenecks with Behavior Flow

4. Get started with Analytics using our checklist

5. Understanding your conversion funnel

6. Exclude internal traffic from your data

7. Organize your Segments

8. Tell a meaningful story with data

9. Enable Demographics & Interest Reports

10. Learn how many visits it took for people to convert

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