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Over the years I met countless analysts around the globe, be it in conferences, training programs, client meetings or online. Some were true analytics geeks and others were just starting their careers, but one thing that I have always felt was missing, especially for the beginners, is a place centralizing the top resources and programs available.

In this article I try to compile a list of the best available resources, both for general Analytics and Google Analytics specifically. In addition, I also provide a few resources for related fields that can be very handy for the Web Analyst, things like web development, statistics and visualization.

Please note that this article will be constantly updated to reflect the newest resources. So feel free to bookmark it! [Last Update: September 2013]

Learning Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an amazing tool, relatively simple for beginners but full of surprises for the literate Analyst. I am not saying that every one can implement the tool and start extracting insights right away, but for someone willing to learn it, it does not require a PhD; and for the super advanced analyst Google provides a wealth of customizations to make the tool work for him/her own purposes.

Below I provide the resources I recommend to get started with Google Analytics, but since the list is long I prepared a free PDF for those that prefer to download and/or print. Click the button below to download the PDF.

Download the PDF

Web Analytics Basics

Google Analytics Basics

  • Getting Started with Google Analytics – by Alex Langshur and Charles Davis
  • Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big! – by Avinash Kaushik
  • Official Google Analytics Training videos: by Google
  • URL Builder: A Tool to Create Campaign Tags – by Google
  • eBook: Google Analytics Integrations – by Daniel Waisberg
  • Book: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics – by Brian Clifton
  • Book: Google Analytics – by Justin Cutroni

Google Analytics Features Analyses

  • Introduction to Advanced Segments – by Nick Iyengar
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Multi Channel Funnels – by Yehoshua Koren
  • Introduction to Attribution Modeling & Multi-Channel Funnels – by Scott Shannon and Melaine Fuentes
  • Content Experiments: A Guide to Creating A/B Tests – by Daniel Waisberg
  • A Guide to Google+ Analytics – by Daniel Waisberg
  • Understanding Custom Variables – by Daniel Waisberg
  • Tracking E-Commerce on Google Analytics – by Joe Christopher
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics Remarketing – by Justin Cutroni
  • Google Analytics Dashboards: A Step-By-Step Guide – by Daniel Waisberg

Advanced (Technical) Users

Analytics Related Fields

  • Course: Web Fundamental – by Codecademy
    • Course: JavaScript – by Codecademy
      • Book: The Cartoon Guide to Statistics – by Larry Gonick
        • Book: Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten – by Stephen Few
        • If you want to download or print the list to check later, here is a free PDF.

          Download the PDF

          Digital Analytics Conferences

          However, there is only so much a person can learn at his/her own by sitting at home, reading articles and using a tool. That’s why conferences and academic courses have an important place in the learning process. Below is a list of conferences that deal mainly with Analytics & Optimization:

          Digital Analytics Academic Resources

          And when it comes to formal education, the Analytics field is far from where it should be, with only a few universities providing courses and diplomas on it. Please find below the list of academic resources created by Stephane Hamel and feel free to add to it or rate the courses if you have taken them.

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