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Personalizing Your Homepage

Since you only have one chance to win a first time customer, you should better try hard! This article shows some examples on how to personalize your homepage in order to improve customer experience to each of your segments.

eMetrics Summit San Francisco? Here Is Why You Should be There!

Are you coming to eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in San Francisco (March)? No, why? Take a look at the presentations and interviews below to get an idea of what you can learn there:

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Unintended Consequences Of Targeting

According to a recent New York Times column, the reason why personalized marketing is being hailed as the latest breakthrough is that it “tries to show consumers the right ad at the right time.” From the standpoint of the advertiser, all this is indeed wonderful. Yet, it is worth asking whether there are reasons for concern. Read more about the Unintended Consequences of Targeting

Analytics For A Better World

The Analysis Exchange was created as a means of providing much-sought experience to web analysts through free website analysis for non-profits. Learn more about how it works and how you can get involved: Analysis Exchange – Optimizing The World

Web Analytics Association Code Of Ethics

Join the Web Analytics in its effort to treat consumer data with the respect and attention it deserves. Watch this short intro on YouTube or read the full text on the WAA website.

Book Of The Month

If you are a marketer, analyst or executive, you are often on the stage, trying to explain, educate and persuade people. Here is a book that can really help: The Naked Presenter: Delivering Powerful Presentations With or Without Slides

Facebook Marketing

Learn more about how to use Facebook to market your website/product. In these slides you will learn the opportunities, challenges and real cases on Facebook Marketing.