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The videos below are a collection of the most interesting videos (in terms of content and presentation skills) on Targeting & Segmentation, processes used by website owners to improve user experience by delivering the right content/design to the right person at the right time. They delve in interesting techniques such as segmentation, Personas and Behavioral Targeting campaigns.

  • Tracking The Trackers - Who Tracks You Online? [video]

    Tracking the trackers

    In this presentation, Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, discusses the subject of privacy on the Web. Even though people would like to believe the Internet is a private place, it is not: "the price we are being asked to pay for all this connectedness is our privacy."

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  • It's Not About the Technology - It's About the Customers

    Technology and Customers

    This commercial, produced by NFL Mobile, is a short and accurate representation of why companies should be focusing on the customer experience, not on the technology.

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  • Behavioral Targeting & Segmentation Simplified [video]

    Behavioral Targeting & Segmentation Simplified

    In this short animation, the BTBuckets team explain, using a day-to-day example, the importance of using Behavioral.

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  • The role of Personas in SEO [video]

    The role of Personas in SEO

    In this video, Bryan Eisenberg goes over the importance of using Personas in order to increase conversion rates. As Bryan says: "I never met a search engine that has a credit card", so SEOs should focus more on customer conversion and less in techniques to bring organic traffic: "most websites don't have a traffic problem, they have a conversion problem."

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  • Segmentation Lessons from Business [video]

    Segmentation Lessons from Business

    Malcolm Gladwell goes over the history of how Howard Moskowitz re-invented the spaghetti sauce. The important lesson on this video is that the use of segmentation enabled the explosion of whole new markets.

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  • Behaviorally Targeting Gen Y [video]

    Behaviorally Targeting Gen Y

    Emily Riley, from Forrester Research, starts her presentation with the following statement: "We must start focusing on what the consumer wants" She goes on to present her idea that we should allow customers to opt out from tracking, in a website that would enable people to decide in an organized manner, on what to be tracked, but not forbid or limit tracking.

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