Targeting Slides

The slides below are a collection of the most interesting presentations (both in terms of content and of visualization) on Targeting & Segmentation, processes used by website owners to improve user experience by delivering the right content/design to the right person at the right time. They delve in interesting techniques such as segmentation, Personas and Behavioral Targeting campaigns.

  • Cutting-Edge Targeting in a Multi-Platform World [slide presentation]

    Cutting-Edge Targeting in a Multi-Platform World

    This presentation, from Marco Derksen, is about delivering precise and relevant messaging when and where customers are. The slides start from the challenges advertisers are facing in order to achieve the same exposure as in the past, to achieve customer attention to their brands.

    Online Behavior - May 26, 2010
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  • Behavioral Targeting and SEM [slide presentation]

    Behavioral Targeting and SEM

    This presentation, from Daniel Waisberg, shows an introduction to Behavioral Targeting and presents good and bad examples when it comes to its application in Search Engine Marketing. It also shows the most prominent tools that can be used to target website visitors. In the last slides there is an example on how to perform Behavioral Targeting for free using Google Analytics and BTBuckets.

    Online Behavior - April 28, 2010
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