Targeting Books

The book reviews below intend to provide a summary of the most valuable books on Targeting & Segmentation, processes used by website owners to improve user experience by delivering the right content/design to the right person at the right time. They focus on analyzing visitor behavior and using segmentation to create Personas and Behavioral Targeting campaigns.

  • Fishing From a Barrel | Free Behavioral Targeting Book

    Free Behavioral Targeting Book

    Following an agreement with Rob Graham, author of Fishing From a Barrel: Using Behavioral Targeting to Reach the Right People with the Right Ads at the Right Time, we are honored to host the full version of his book for FREE download. It is a very insightful and can be used as a guide to understand Targeting and Segmentation principles.

    Rob Graham - August 16, 2010
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  • Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations [book review]

    Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations

    This book is focused on offline marketing but can be highly useful for online marketing practitioners. It is especially relevant to Targeting & Segmentation techniques since it is essential as a preparation for finding the different types of customers of a company and analyzing their performance.

    Online Behavior - April 26, 2010
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