Introduction To Web Analytics Workshop

Learn Web Analytics Secrets & Foundations

Curso De Introdução À Análise Da WebWeb Analytics is a relatively new field and new developments occur extremely fast. In this workshop we discuss the basic definitions of the field as well as the most recent developments. Below are some of the topics discussed during the workshop.

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Web Analytics Process & Value

In this workshop we will discuss what exactly is Web Analytics and how it brings values to organizations. We will also go over a process that enables the implementation of a data-driven culture which, ultimately, will drive the optimization of websites.

Web Analytics Process

Website Optimization Tools & Data Collection

To choose the best solution for your company, it is important to understand what the market has to offer. In this module we discuss different data collection methods and their idiosyncrasies.

We will also go over different optimization solutions and how they can help improve your website’s conversion rates. We discuss overall optimization tools, including the tools below.

Optimization Tools

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