Website Testing & Optimization Workshop

Learn Advanced Testing Techniques

Curso de Teste E Optimização De WebsitesBelow are the topics that will be discussed during the workshop. Basically the main benefits of testing can be summed into three values:

Quick Wins – testing is an excellent way to produce quick wins. By changing a few images, buttons and text we can significantly improve conversion rates.

Money Generating Machine – since the outcomes are very measurable and we can see how much money we earned as a result of testing, it is very easy to prove how testing can pay for its expenses.

Improved Customer Experience – as mentioned above, one of the most important outcomes of testing is to understand customers and create better experiences on the website, not always related to the page tested or to the ultimate conversion. It just helps us make our customers at home.

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What Should Be Tested?

Testing Principle

The most important choice during the testing process is the selection of the page to be tested. Even the best test will not yield results if it is not done in the right place. Therefore, the importance of selecting the page to be tested based on expected increase in revenues. This can be done by analyzing the website pages based on metrics such as conversion rate, exit rate, time spent on page, among other parameters.

Analyzing The Test

Testing Analysis

Since every website has a limited amount of traffic, it is also necessary to limit the number of elements being tested (as this number grows, the time required to obtain significant statistical results also grows). As a result, it is important to choose the elements with the highest probability to improve conversion rates. For this we use techniques such as competitive analysis, usability, and data crunching.

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