Web Analytics Videos and Predictions

Web Analytics Predictions for 2011

This month Brian Clifton, renowned author and blogger, shared with us his predictions for the Analytics market in 2011. He writes about privacy, data mining, optimization, webtrends and more. Check his views and add your predictions! Five Predictions for Web Analytics in 2011

Mobile Marketing for E-commerce

As mobile moves from being an interesting niche, to a fully mainstream in the way that brands are experienced and product purchase decisions made, what can websites gain from a more strategic and joined up approach to mobile marketing? Here is the answer Vicky Brock shares with us. Mobile Marketing for E-commerce: Insight Into Real Data

Web Analytics Videos

The videos below were filmed during the last eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington DC.

Tell Me Something I don’t Know – Using real world case studies Neil Mason covers the ins and outs of data mining analytics on digital data, which types of techniques can be used to solve which kinds of problems and some of the challenges that you will inevitable face along the way. Discover what your data can tell you if you ask it the right questions.

Interview with Stephane Hammel – In this interview, Stephane Hamel shares insights from the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit – Washington DC, 2010. He speaks about the Online Analytics Maturity Model, a model he created in order to help companies to succeed in Web Analytics. In the end, he shares tips on how to provide a better Web Analytics service.

Entertaining Math Read

If you are looking for a good math read (or if you suffer from data-phobia), take a look at Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences, a very entertaining and enlightening book.