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Virtual Monetization by Peter Sanborn – Part II [video]

Presentation Abstract

Without an ROI it is difficult to get the attention of your executives and win the budget you deserve. But, how do you calculate ROI on a non-ecommerce site? Peter Sanborn manages web analytics for the largest non-ecommerce, non-advertising site in the world, Learn how he has built a financial framework for measuring the ROI of customer engagement and using that to drive more investment in web analytics at

Peter Sanborn

Peter Sanborn has been in the digital marketing industry for the past 10 years. In his current role he manages a team of web analysts focused on improving the customer experience and marketing value of is the 5th most trafficked web site in the world and serves a diversity of audiences coming from various job roles, company sizes, and geographic locations. His team deals with both the successes and challenges of running a web analytics program for such a huge and multi-functional site on a daily basis.

In addition to practicing digital marketing and web analytics daily, Peter Sanborn serves as the president of the Web Analytics Association.

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