Social Web vs. Traditional Marketing [slide presentation]

This presentation, created by Thomas Baekdal, is about the way Social Media is changing the way marketing is done. The new Marketing is not about things, it is about people, and any person can be a star, without needing big enterprises behind them. Below is a transcript of the main conclusion of the slides:

How do you become a part of the Social Web?
It’s easy… you get invited!
And that means you are not a company that sells a product… but a group of talented individuals who are creating something remarkable. Because the world need something better, more stylish, and more affordable; something that makes you happy, and gives you that really good feeling inside your stomach.
You do not market your products… you share them.
… and you share what people are doing with them. You make your fans remarkable. You help them do things better, provide tips and ideas. You tell them about what inspired you, and continues to inspire you!
… and you ask you’re your fans what they need. So that you, with their help, can continue to be remarkable.
This way, people want to follow you, because you are worth following