John Lovett and Seth Duncan

Social Media Metrics Framework [video]

In this presentation, John Lovett starts by describing the social media framework he co-authored with Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter . The research was built based in a pragmatic approach that first define business goals, then the social media objective, then the measure of success and finally the operational tactics (read more & download). The definition of Social Marketing Analytics is as follows:

Social Marketing Analytics is the discipline that helps companies measure assess and explain the performance of Social Media initiatives in the context of specific Business objectives

They found out that the main objectives that marketers have in mind when they start doing Social Media are:

  1. Foster & Dialogue
  2. Promoting Advocacy
  3. Facilitating Support
  4. Spurring Innovation

Seth Duncan goes over his paper for the Institute for Public Relations entitled, “Using Web Analytics to Measure the Impact of Earned Online Media on Business Outcomes: A Methodological Approach” (download full pdf). The paper focuses on PR professionals and how they can measure the business value of targeted earned media opportunities. It provides two broad sets of Analytics methodologies for communications:

  1. Basic Analytics designed to help PR professionals understand which categories of online media are driving traffic and their ROI metrics.
  2. Advanced statistical methodologies that can help PR professionals match specific messaging strategies to target audiences.

Watch Social Media Metrics Framework Part II

John Lovett

John Lovett, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, is a leading expert on Web Analytics, Multivariate Testing, and Optimization technologies. Throughout his analyst career John has produced insightful research including Forrester’s Web Analytics Wave and the US Web Analytics Forecast. John is an industry insider who maintains a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Seth Duncan

Seth Duncan, Research and Development Director at Beyond Analytics specializes in statistical modeling and return-on-investment analyses for the marketing and PR campaigns for a broad group of Fortune 500 clients, ranging from consumer electronics companies to clients in financial services and healthcare industries.

Seth worked as a Statistician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and University of California at San Francisco, conducting statistical analyses for Phase III clinical trials and acting as the lead statistician for numerous clinical trials. Seth has also taught statistics and research methodology at San Francisco State University. Seth received a B.A. in psychology from Reed College, an M.A. in psychological research at San Francisco State University, and completed graduate level coursework in advanced statistical analysis at Boston College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.