Social Media Measurement with Google Analytics [video] – Part II

“An analysis we always have two pieces: Quantity and Quality. Don’t just focus on quantity.”

In Part I of Social Media Measurement with Google Analytics, Corey Koberg discussed different ways to analyze and collect Social Data using Google Analytics.

In this presentation, he starts by concluding a thought from the previous part on why Event Tracking should also be considered when tracking social actions on websites. He then shows a trick on how to segment social actions even though the Google Analytics UI does not currently provide an out-of-the-box feature.

Korey goes on to talk about campaign tracking and its importance when it comes to social media: with multiple devices and platforms to manage social media, it is essential to tag links properly (check the URL Builder for more). Tagging campaigns also allows the marketer to differentiate between links that derived from your shares and those that were shared virally.

Watch Social Media Measurement with Google Analytics – Part I

Corey Koberg, Senior Partner, Cardinal Path

Corey Koberg
Corey is Senior Partner at Cardinal Path a premier Digital Intelligence and Optimization firms, with offices throughout North America. He is a regular instructor of web analytics, pay per click management, and other Internet marketing courses and webinars.

He brings a wealth of experience in online marketing and website analytics, and has worked with companies large and small to implement and leverage Google Analytics to drive the bottom line.