Jim Sterne

Social Media – Rethinking Your Marketing Metrics Part I [video]

Social media today is where the World Wide Web was in 1995. Everybody was talking about it and best practices were far and few between. We know it’s important, valuable and catching on. What we’re just starting to learn is how to measure the business results of business investments in this new communication medium.

Jim Sterne tackles this subject head on and reveals what he’s written in his seventh book on using the Internet for marketing. Marketing optimization just got a whole lot more complex. Jim puts it all into perspective.

Watch Social Media – Rethinking Marketing Metrics Part II

Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne is the founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, current Chairman of the Web Analytics Association and author of Social Media Metrics.

Jim is an international speaker on electronic marketing and customer interaction. A consultant to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs, he focuses his twenty five years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of the Internet as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. Jim has written six books on Internet advertising, marketing and customer service.