Social Commerce Examples from Big Retailers [slide presentation]

This slideshow, by Paul Marsden, summarizes 15 solutions on how big retail chains are deploying Social Media. Below is a list of each of the solutions:

  1. Macy’s, Diesel, Sephora: Helping customers connect where they buy (in-store)
  2. Sears, Juicy Couture, Levi’s: Helping customers connect where they buy (online)
  3. Hallmark Cards: Helping customers buy where they connect (social media stores)
  4. Best Buy, Sports Authority, Domino’s: Driving footfall with location-based check-in services
  5. Driving footfall using Group-Buy platforms
  6. Burger King: Driving footfall with vouchers on social networking sites
  7. Forever 21: Driving footfall with “haul videos” (customer video reviews) on video sharing sites
  8. Louis Vuitton: Sharing the in-store experience on social networks
  9. Starbucks: Running customer loyalty programs (sCRM) on social networking platforms
  10. Walmart: Running group-buy deals on social networking platforms
  11. Carrefour: Offering flash-sales on social networking platforms
  12. Best Buy: Offering social shopping apps on social networking platforms
  13. Nine West: Offering social followers special rewards (exclusive/ early access)
  14. Target: Promoting new lines on Flash Sale sites
  15. French Connection: “Plinking” (product linking) from video-sharing sites to e-commerce cart

Do you know any other examples? Share with us in the comments area below.