How Webtrends Measures Their Own Site [video]

“Do we understand the plight of the marketer who’s trying to use Webtrends?”

The tendency is to measure everything, because we can, but it’s crucial to know what you’re doing with the data. This leads to the following two questions:

  1. What are we ultimately trying to accomplish?
  2. What does success look like?

Often, getting a marketing manager to articulate an answer to that question is quite difficult. These two questions help you determine which data points you need.

In the past year or so, the marketing department has been specifically focusing on landing page optimization and really getting to know social products and how that channel works in a business-to-business environment. In this time, they did a website redesign, which is an opportunity to really look at the goals of the website.

When building the site, it’s hard to know what to offer. Some people should log in and engage. Some should be directed to the appropriate product or solution. Others are looking for a job. Because of the various goals, there are around 12 calls to action on the page, and the question remains: “What are we trying to accomplish?”

From experience, the best leads (dollar-wise) are the ones where customers enter the website and contact the sales team. So how do we maximize that function?

So they divide visitors into returning versus new to see the differences. The number one most common action from the webpage is product login. Most people are customers. New visitors are also primarily logging in. So the goal in the next 6 months is going to be to divide customers and non-customers and show each a unique experience.

Main Goals at Webtrends

  1. Make better products.
  2. Improve user experience.
  3. Bring in more customers.

Myllisa Patterson, Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst, Webtrends

Myllisa Patterson Myllisa is a digital marketer who turned her passion for marketing performance data and successful demand gen programs into an optimization analyst role for her team at Webtrends. She empowers marketers to understand their metrics, define clear goals and develop testing and optimization plans that result in more successful programs. In her current role as Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst she champions a culture of measurement and enables her team to leverage Webtrends’ solutions as they take the message of “Real-Time Relevance. Remarkable ROI.” to the market.