Search at the Center: Connected Marketing – Part I [video]

“It is not what you say about yourself that matters, it is more important what people around you are saying”

In Part I (out of III) of this presentation, delivered at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Washington DC 2010, Mike Grehan starts by going over some of the historical aspects that influenced the creation of search engines. He starts his talks by quoting As We May Think, a paper written by Vannevar Bush in July of 1945; according to Mike, in this paper lies the foundations of the fax machine, the personal computer, the world wide web, and the http protocol.

He goes on to explain how the world wide web was created in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners Lee (over lunch!) He then explains how search engine works and what was and still is important when it comes to search engine marketing.

Watch Search at the Center: Connected Marketing – Part II

Mike Grehan

Mike Grehan is VP, Global Content Director with Incisive Media, publisher of Search Engine Watch, ClickZ and producer of the Search Engine Strategies international conference series. Mike previously worked as a search marketing consultant with a number of international agencies, handling global clients such as SAP and Motorola. Recognized as a leading search marketing expert, Mike came online in 1995 and is author of numerous books and white papers on the subject. He is also chair of the Search Engine Strategies Global Advisory Board and is currently in the process of writing his third book on search marketing, due in spring 2010.