5 Questions about Big Data [video]

“The key thing about music is that it really has gone through a real progression, and if you look at the way that music used to be formed, it was formed as an orchestra, it was formed as a linear presentation of music, much like art in many other kinds, and was designed in a way that it could be broadcast to very large audiences but it was always the same. And the idea there is that if you are in a world where people’s expectations are always changing and adapting and such, you need to play a different tune, you need to be working on adaptation, and really jazz was a way to connect with audiences.”

Luke Lonergan, CTO, VP, and Co-Founder of Greenplum, a division of EMC asks and answers five important questions about Big Data:

1. What is the big deal with Big Data?

Big Data opens the door to a new approach to engaging customers and making decisions.

2. Big Data: Classical or jazz?

Organizations will become more like jazz bands and less like orchestras

3. Is there ten times more value with ten times more data?

Yes, by using data that businesses typically discard or could not process due to technology limitations.

4. What technologies support Big Data analysis?

Scale-out everything. Storage, compute, analytics, interaction.

5. Is Big Data the future?

The new normal requires agile, predictive Big Data capabilities.