Google Analytics Planning – Caleb Whitmore [video]

In this presentation, delivered at the Google Analytics Users’ Great Event, Caleb Whitmore discusses principles and processes that can be used to create a strategy and plan that will lead to success with Google Analytics.

Caleb starts by sharing the four major keys to achieve success with Google Analytics:

  1. Proper Planning
  2. An informed implementation that comes out of planning
  3. Have a good training
  4. Tools to accompany Google Analytics

In this presentation Caleb focuses on the first key: proper planning. According to him, planning should always start with business goals, not metrics. He shares examples on why this is true as well as how analysts should find the right questions in order to link between business goals and metrics to be analyzed.

Caleb Whitmore

Caleb WhitmoreCaleb Whitmore is a veteran user of Google Analytics and a frequent speaker and contributor to blogs on the subject of Performance Marketing and co-author of the book Performance Marketing with Google Analytics. He is best known for helping clients to solve business and marketing challenges using Google Analytics.

Caleb is Founder of the GAUGE Conference, and founder of Analytics Pros, a Google Analytics Certified Partner providing specialized products, consulting, training, and support to agencies, start-ups and enterprise-level clients worldwide. Prior to this, Caleb built the Search & Analytics team at POP, a leading independent Interactive Agency and one of the first Google Analytics Authorized Consultancies.

Caleb lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife and children and in his spare time enjoys Hiking, Skiing and Fly Fishing with his family.