3 Useful Optimization Tools [video]

Feras Alhlou, the founder of E-Nor, discusses some of the more useful optimization tools that have come out recently.

He begins by talking about ShufflePoint, which is a data integration hub. It can use a number of sources, such as Google Analytics, AdWords, ZoomRank, Salesforce.com, ConstantContact, Google WMT, Twitalyzer, and Facebook, synch them into Excel, Powerpoint, Google Drive, or HTML email, and it works with Excel without any add-ons. Using ShufflePoint, you get automation, scalability, and efficiency. You invest your time in a single report design, and it’s automatically updated. It’s possible to share templates across clients. And all this means that there is more time for analysts to look for meaning in the data. It uses a simple analytics query language, so that you can build any report. This makes it easy to identify trends.

SiteApps shows SEO Keyword Rank in Google Analytics. You can push keyword ranking to your site through a Google Analytics custom variable. This allows you to filter out low-ranking keywords and optimize from there.

A good tool for qualitative optimization and customer surveys is Kissinsights (now Qualaroo). The approach is complicated, but the results can be very useful. There are a variety of survey scopes available. By running a survey, it’s possible to see whether users are getting what they need, and segmentation allows you to see which parts of a site are problematic, and if a given problem is systematic, then it’s easy to redesign the site to make more information available. It’s much more valuable than trying to guess what the issues are.

Feras Alhlou – Founder of E-Nor

Feras Alhalou

Feras Alhlou is the Principal Consultant and Co-founder of E-Nor, Inc. His drive and passion for improving clients’ ROI led to the creation of E-Nor in 2003. Since its inception, the company’s focus has been creating and implementing digital analytics and marketing optimization strategies for E-Nor’s diverse client base, including Fortune 500 companies. Feras’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit leads to the continued growth of E-Nor, as well as the high achievement of earning multiple qualifications as a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), and a Google AdWords Certified Partner.

Feras has traveled the globe educating online marketing consultants, marketers and business owners. He speaks frequently at industry events including eMetrics, Google Analytics User Events, Search Engine Strategies (SES) and Search Marketing Expo (SMX), and has been published in multiple publications including WebProNews, the official Google Analytics blog and Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney. Feras is a member of the Digital Analytics Association (DAA), a Certified Web Analyst, and serves on the DAA Examination sub-committee.