Online Community Management [video]

“A successful community is a bit like a party”

In this presentation, Jamie Papas talks about what makes a successful community. She compares online communities to parties from several different points of views. Here are some of the analogies:

  1. Both have a host, someone that is responsible for organizing, inviting, maintaining, connecting, and keeping everyone happy.
  2. Without people, there is no party: invite more than you expect to come but be prepared for all them to come.
  3. Analyze and Optimize for the next party: solicit feedback, make adjustments, be responsive, be present.

The business value of social media is more than just listening. Contributing is more than just interjecting corporate comments and ideas. Engaging with any online community requires unique social skills. A community manager is the linchpin of a vibrant group. They are the instigator and catalyst of conversations. Like a gracious host, they are essential to encourage dialogue, initiate new discussion topics, make introductions and smooth over the jagged edges of social interaction. As organizations recognize the need to add this new role to their employee roster, the question follows, how does one assess their effectiveness? How do you measure the success of a community manager?

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Jamie Pappas

Jamie is an Enterprise 2.0 and social media strategist, evangelist, community manager, and official blogger at EMC Corporation. She has a hand in developing and driving overall Enterprise 2.0 and social media strategy across the entire organization, identifying opportunities to integrate social media and community into the daily lives of employees, both internally as a team collaboration tool, and externally as a way to engage with customers, partners and prospects. Jamie is a founding member of The 2.0 Adoption Council and The Community Roundtable, as well as Membership Director for The Social Media Club, Boston Chapter. You can connect with her online at her blog, Social Media Musings, or via Twitter @JamiePappas.