Web Analytics Maturity Model by Stephane Hamel Part II [video]

In this presentation, Stephane Hamel goes over all the aspects of The Online Analytics Maturity Model. Some of the questions he answers are below:

  1. How companies usually define objectives as opposed to how they should be defined?
  2. How to look at the scope of Analytics, going from pure improvisation to beyond online, where Web Analytics becomes business optimization?
  3. How resources should be allocated in companies?
  4. Which methodologies are available today to put Analytics in practice?
  5. How tools can be used to support the objectives of the company?
  6. Watch Web Analytics Maturity Model by Stephane Hamel Part I

    Learn more about The Online Analytics Maturity Model and download the full paper.

    See below a sample presentation from Stephane Hamel below where he describes the Web Analytics Maturity Model.

    Stephane Hamel – Director of Strategic Services, Cardinal Path

    Stephane HamelStéphane Hamel is the Director of Strategic Services at Cardinal Path. He is a leading voice for online analytics: helping businesses optimize their online channel by extracting insight from data. He has over twenty years of experience defining optimal and realistic strategies and is a frequent speaker at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and other conferences in North America and Europe. Member of the International Institute of Business Analysis and on the board of directors and treasurer of the Web Analytics Association, he also plays an advisory role to a number of agencies and vendors.