Online Analytics Lessons – Marketing Metrics at Dell [video]

“The Web Analytics team has been seen by as one the most strategic and foundational driver in company innovation”

Dell is famous for being one of the first to sell computers online. Managing a global team of Analytics and Testing managers to optimize Dell’s multi-billion-dollars online business in Consumer and Small Business Division is more than a full time job.

In this presentation, delivered at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Washington DC 2010, Ed Wu (Head of Global Testing & Optimization at Dell) shares his perspective on wringing the most profitability out of the online channel. Ed reveals Dell’s global online analytics & testing strategy and how it developed since the late 90s till nowadays.

On Parts II and III Carol Gohl and Dave Nelson will explain the concepts and processes that Dell uses to design, execute, and analyze tests to ensure that they answer the original hypothesis and conclude with an actionable outcome. Guidelines to follow and pitfalls to avoid are on the agenda to help you convert test ideas accurate test setups and analyzing results to make the best business decisions.

Watch Online Analytics Lessons – Marketing Metrics at Dell Part II

Ed Wu

Ed Wu is the Head of Online Testing & Optimization at Dell. In this capacity, he is leading a global team of testing managers to optimize Dell’s multi-billion-dollars Consumer and SMB online business. He currently serves as the director of Web Analytics Association. He is the WAA 2009 Championship first place winner and also a WAA Certified Web Analyst. In his blog Managing Analytics, he provides a practitioner’s view on managing online analytics, testing and optimization in global corporations. His prior experience includes marketing strategy, business intelligence, pricing, strategic consulting and sales management. You can follow him on Twitter at @ed_wu