Non-Line Driven Analytics [video]

In this presentation, from Avinash Kaushik, we learn about what he calls ‘Non-Line Analytics’. As he defines it, there is no more online and offline marketing, we all live in the non-line world. He shows ways to measure the impact of offline in online marketing, and the impact of online in offline marketing.

Measure the impact of offline on online Marketing

  1. Use vanity URLs in order to measure how many people an oofline campaign brought to the website and what did these people do
  2. Use unique coupons and offers in order to link back your offline sales to your online sources and interactions
  3. Use online surveys in order to understand what drives your customers and be able to understand if they came to the website with an intent to find info for offline purposes
  4. Correlate your data patterns in order to understand if the products you are promoting are the ones succeeding. You might discover, for example, that you are promoting one product but visitors are buying a second product. Maybe the second one is the right product to promote…
  5. Used controlled experiments in order to understand what works best in your offline campaigns

Measure the impact of online on offline Marketing

  1. Measure offline calls to action: use goals for offline interactions in your Web Analytics tool, it can show how much people interact with the info about your offline stores.
  2. Track phone calls and live chat: by using unique phone numbers it is possible to link phone calls back to website visitor data
  3. Use unique coupons and offers in order to drive your online visitors to your stores
  4. Use online surveys in order to understand predict which kind of website interactions will lead to a customer acting in any offline activity
  5. Used controlled experiments to measure the second impact you are having offline