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Google Analytics for Mobile Websites and Apps [video]

“It’s really about tracking how visitors interact with content, and that content includes tracking how people are interacting with mobile devices.”

Nick Mihailovsky gives a detailed explanation of how to use Google Analytics for Android apps and for tracking mobile websites. To get started, or examine the options, look at Google’s code API Site

Since Android is a Google product, the Android SDK is set up to integrate very well with Google Analytics. As a result, Mihailovsky uses the Android SDK as the example for what analytics properties can be used in native apps (Android and iOS).

For an Android app, it’s possible to track the following using the Android SDK:

  • Unique Users – while still allowing them to remain anonymous.
  • Pageviews
  • Events – meaning actions taken in the app.
  • E-commerce
  • Custom Variables
  • Market Referrals – Again, this is well integrated with Google Play, because Google operates both Google Analytics and Google Play.

For a web app, it is possible to track a number of things, even without the use of JavaScript, meaning that the tracking is usable on any platform, including feature phones.

Nick Mihailovski – Sr. Developer Programs Engineer at Google

Nick MihailovskyNick Mihailovski is a Sr. Developer Programs Engineer at Google and oversees Developer Relations for Google Analytics. He has a passion for bridging the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities and works with F500 clients to develop innovative measurement solutions.

Nick has worked in the Web Analytics industry for over 6 years. He started his career building websites, then working at Urchin Software and now Google. Nick currently holds an B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Math from University of California, Riverside.