Marketing Analytics: From Signup To Retention

In this presentation Matthew Trifiro talks about the revolution brought by the “anything as a service” business, where you subscribe to receive a service instead of buying products. He starts with a few examples on how he can now subscribe to receive toothpaste on a regular basis or any other product.

He then proceeds to define some of the important metrics for this any of business:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) – the revenue generated monthly by a customer.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – the total sum of revenue a customer generates.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – the total sum of money spent to acquire a customer.
  • Retention Rate – percentage of customers that come back and make a purchase in the following month.

By using these metrics, Matthew shows how to increase the conversion rate at every point and the velocity of the overal conversion funnel.

Matthew Trifiro – SVP Marketing,

Matt TrifiroMatthew G. Trifiro is currently SVP, Marketing at (a division of, formerly Assistly). is the social help desk for small and medium sized businesses. Prior to he was co-founder and CEO of Bixbe and 1000 Markets, Inc. (sold to Bonanza), where he led teams that built simple and ubiquitous e-commerce platforms for individuals and small business. Formerly, he was co-founder and Vice President of Marketing of Wink Communications, Inc., one of the first publicly-traded interactive television companies. He was also Vice President of Interactive Television at Geoworks and was the founder of Saxifrage Ventures, Inc., an intellectual property holding company.

As a real estate expert, he has served as Chair of Commonweal Communities, a conservation-based housing developer based in Santa Fe, NM and, from 2001 to 2008, he served on the national Board of Directors of the Trust for Public Land where he helped launch the Parks for People program in Los Angeles. He is an award-winning real estate investor and has been a technical writer, a magazine editor, and a video game designer. He is a professionally trained cook (Tante Marie’s Cooking School). He lives on Orcas Island full time with his wife, Lisa, and his two sons, Alexander and Trevor.