Marketing Research

Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations [book review]

This book is focused on offline marketing but can be highly useful for online marketing practitioners. It is especially relevant to Targeting & Segmentation techniques since it is essential as a preparation for finding the different types of customers of a company and analyzing their performance. It presents theories, techniques, and strategies (both for beginners and advanced marketers) of marketing research (or to those that just want to understand it). The authors were very successful in balancing theoretical ideas with day-to-day examples which facilitates the understanding of the concepts.

Part I starts from a Marketing Research overview, the research process, and problem definition. Then, part II goes on to determine techniques related to research design. From there, part III provides a strong methodology to design data-collection methods and forms. Part IV describes sample design and data collection. Part V is a great source for analysis and interpretation of data. And last, part VI shows how to bring the analysis together and prepare the research report.

Although the book is large and encompassing, and it is largely adopted by universities, it fits industry readers and can contribute to their day-to-day jobs. The content justifies the price.

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